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Since it opened in 1976 as the first park ever to be constructed over a freeway, Freeway Park has matured and evolved. So has the City around it. The Washington State Convention Center, office towers and new park entrances have changed the Park’s environment. The trees and plantings have grown more than anticipated and original park features require repair.

As part of the public benefit package associated with the Convention Center expansion project, Seattle Parks and Recreation has $10 million for capital improvements and other updates at Freeway Park, with the goal of starting construction in 2022.

With feedback from key stakeholders and community members, the Freeway Park Improvements Project will address the most important challenges and opportunities facing Freeway Park today. The purpose of this online open house is to provide a chance for you to learn more about this project, what needs improvement, and how the park can evolve.

An image of Freeway Park.

Courtesy of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, photo by Aaron Leitz (2016)

Freeway Park today: Canyon Fountain.

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